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Jan 06-08, 2017 Global Agri Summit, KVK Naryangaon

Bijasu at Global agri expo KVK Narayangaon. Our patented product SH worked best on Marigold, capsicum, tomatoes over all synthetic counterparts, and was comparable in results when applied to cabbage and cauliflower to the chemical versions. It is time you switched to organic farming and clean food.

December 03, 2016 – Department of Science and Technology AIT meet in Switzerland

It was a great honour for Bijasu to be selected as one of the top 10 indian start-ups by DST (Dept of Science and Technology). We were in Laussane and Zurich presenting our work to 40 entrereneurs from India, Brazil, and Switzerland. It is also pleasure to inform you that Bijasu came 1st in the quick-fire presentation round.

November 18, 2016- First interaction with organic farming community of women in Pune

Bijasu had our first session in the direction of women empowerment. We delivered a presentation to two women's groups of organic farming enthusiasts in Pune on our socio-commercial model on ayurvedic organic farming - cattle rearing and rural development. Hope you all enjoyed the session, there is plenty more to come.

Please also find the lecture video in the posted link

October 08, 2016 – Department of Science & Technology AIT meet in Bengaluru

it gives us immense pleasure to inform you that Bijasu was chosen by DST to represent one of the 10 promising Indian startups in Indo-swiss collaboration. We just returned from a 5 days workshop at the Swiss consulate, Bengaluru. Next stop, we will be visiting Laussane and Zurich.

June 30, 2016 - Achievement on reaching out to organic Farmers and Gaushalas

We had the privilege of Dr. Vijay Bhatkar (Padmabhushan awardee and chairperson Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan (UBA)) visiting us at Bijasu. He wished us well with our achievement on reaching out to organic farmers and Gaushalas simultaneously with our socio-commercial model. In fact, he will be setting up one of our units in Nagpur region under UBA scheme.

We also discussed our recent academic achievement where we have completed biochemical profiling of two popular organic formulations viz. Panchagvya and Jeevamrut. The scientific work will be published soon in the journal of Elsevier publishing house.

June 19, 2016 - Nandini Dairyfarms initiative was lauded by Agrowon

Recently, our collaborator Nandini Dairyfarms initiative was lauded by Agrowon (farming journal) . Bijasu, Goveda and Nandini Dairyfarms interacted with many potential customers and enthusiasts in promoting organic farming, animal husbandry and consumer goods derived from indigenous cattle breeds on the 18th June. Also see our post published on the 13th June

June 4, 2016 - completed planting banana

A new beginning; Bijasu completed planting banana (indigenous variety- poovan) plantations at Rahu Pimpelgaon yesterday. This initiative is also a part of our contract farming activity (posted on 3rd March, 2016) where we are promoting and encouraging farmers to grow indigenous variety of crops along with ayurvedic organic farming. Needless to say, our indigenous food crops taste a lot better and Bijasu will serve it to you in a green clean manner.


May 27- June 13, 2016 - Setting up of Manure Production Units

Bijasu was on road for the last three weeks. We have met and discussed our projects of setting up Bijasu's organic manure production units with four Gaushalas : 1. Mahavir Jain Gaushala, Jalna, 2. Chordia Gausha, Aurangabad/Sambhaji Nagar, 3. Anand Gaurakshan Sanstha , Newasa anda fourth one in Ahmednagar. We also recently visited travelled to Nashik to revive Ujwal Jivdaya Gaushala at Shirsane, Nashik. We rounded up this weekend's work meeting our collaborator Nandini dairy and Bapu Jadhav at Baramati. Yesterday, we completed a brainstorming session on bringing Dairy, FMCG and Agri products on one platform for products based on indigenous cows in Pune.


8-10 April, 2016- JITO Expo, Pune

Our stall at JITO Connect 2016; Received an overwhelming response from numerous Gaushalas in Maharashtra and North India. Our product was well received by Urbanities and contract farmers; we still face challenges in encouraging rural farmers to take up organic farming. Thank you all for your support and making this event a grand success.

5-6 March, 2016 – Banana contract farming

On the first weekend of March, we travelled with Mr. Deepak Dheria (Mumbai- organic desi vegetable trader in Thane), Mr. Nand Kishore Pawar (Tasgaon – Grapes and Banana farmer & organic desi vegetable trader in Andheri, Mumbai) and Mr. Nikhil Karnad (engineer and farm-equipment expert – formerly associated with Mahindra) to North Karnataka and South Maharashtra, where we are planning contract farming for organic desi varieties of Bananas.

Feb 17- 21, 2016 - NMRS, IIT Kharagpur

Dr. Abhishek Cukkemane represented Bijasu at the all-India NMR Society (NMRS meeting at IIT-Kharagpur). It was our privilege to be associated with leading Indian MRI- and NMR- scientists. It is also our pleasure to inform you that we are the first and the only company in India to develop products using NMR and metabolomics.


Finally, it arrives. Our own industrial scale fermenter. So far, we have been using a simple mixer with a production capacity of 400litres/ week. Now along with the industrial scale setup, we can cater 1.4MT litres/week. Do inform us on your requirements

18th Jan, 2016 - Visiting Majid Khan Pathan – Deval Gir Gaushala, Loni Devkar

Another interesting meeting with Majid Bhai. Every time we meet him we learn something new on cattle rearing. Soon, we will welcome two Gir calves at our firm; very excited.

Shade-net Setup

We recently installed our own shade-net setup (1000 sq. ft). The interior has been compartmentalized into 6 chambers for organic manure testing experiments. One of our major inkling in setting up this system was to perform controlled experiments on plant pathogens. Unlike organic manures, for which experiments can be performed directly on fields, it is not permissible (ethically wrong and also has bio-containment issues) to perform such experiments on field. We will soon commence our experiments in closed environment with plant pathogens and organic pest-control agents.

Hydroponics (Cattle fodder and vegetable cropping)

Rapid urbanization has dealt tremendous constraint on soil and water resources. Currently, we are developing soil-less cropping technology for green house. We have successfully implemented the technology for daily vegetable crops like onion, cow pea, bitter gourd, bottle gourd and fenugreek.
An automatized version is shown on the lower right panel. It consumes as low as 20 litres only.

We have also developed N- and C- rich hydroponics diet for cattle feed using different cereal and leguminous grains. Currently, we are preparing rapid sprouting concoctions along with fabricating automatized version as well.

25th Dec, 2015 – Conference at Pune Panjrapole trust

Datta Jayanti celebrations at Pune Panjrapole. Chief guests at the even were Padmabhushan Dr. Vijay Bhatkarji and Gaurakshak Milind Ekboteji. Pune Panjrapole house more than 1000 Cattle (mostly nonlactating) that have been discarded by their owners. It was wonderful occasion to meet Dr. Bhatkarji with whom we are collaborating in the Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan program and Milind Ekboteji with whom we are collaborating at the Gau Vigyaan Parishan organized by ISKCON.

10th Dec 2015 – Erode and Madurai meeting

We met a Gaushala expert, Mr. Satyamoorthy from Erode. He is a farmer and an expert in Cattle breeding and maintenance. Mr. Satyamoorthy is a lecturer and scientist at tamilnadu veterinary and animal university. He is 12th pass and has 35 years of experience rearing farm animals (cow, goat, sheep and pig). His farm is certified as model farm by the university, where practical sessions are also conducted. Thank you Satyamoorthyji for your time in educating us on cattle breeding and rearing.

4th Oct 2015 – Lecture at Gauvigyan Parishad, ISKCON at Satara

Bijasu presented developments in ayurvedic organic farming at "Gau Vigyan Parishad" organized by ISKCON Satara, Maharashtra.

10th September, 2015 – Lions club meeting of organic farmers in Barshi

Bijasu's research work on ayurvedic organic farming is well received at onion and pomegranate farmers meet in Barshi, Solapur district, Maharashtra. The summit was organized by Nana Kadamji and Lions club, Barshi.

Bijasu was a part of few interesting initiatives

  1. Abhishek Cukkemane was invited to Gau Vigyan Parishad (Cow Research conference) by ISKCON, where he delivered a lecture on ayurvedic organic farming from cow products in front of audience of over 2,000 people including 1,100 farmers in Sambhaji Nagar (formerly Aurangabad).
  2. Krishnali Bhatevara, Nivedita Cukkemane and Sujit Bhatevara participated in Gau Raksha karyekram (Cow protection program) at Punyadham Aashram organized by Dr. Vijay Bhatkarji and Maharastra government on improving animal husbandary practices for better farming approaches.

Article on ayurvedic farming is published in Italian and English

Initiatives of Bijasu were recently published in Italian journal Bioetico by agronomist, Luca Masotto. His organization discuss a variety of topics on nature and farming technologies.. The article on ayurvedic farming is published in Italian and English. We hope that you enjoy the read and it inspires you to eco-friendly farming methods. Click the link for more information

Research & Promoting Organic Farming Techniques

Bijasu met Dr. Vijay Bhatkarji who is one of the most acclaimed scientists of our Nation. We discussed on collaborative effort on research and promoting organic farming techniques to farmers via workshops.

Modernizing Traditional Farming

Dr. Abhishek Cukkemane (left) from Bijasu interacting Mr. N.S Rao (center – chairman of SriSri Sugars) and Mr. Nana Kadam (right - organic farming promoter and activist) along with farmers of Rajewadi, Sangli District, Maharashtra, India, discuss on modernizing traditional farming and setting up farmer friendly labs.

Ayurvedic Pest Control Against Spider Mite Infestation

Due to the excess heat and untimely rains, we have observed a couple of serious pests on tomato crops. In the earlier post we mentioned that we were successful in treating 60% of the tomato plants using our organic pesticide formulation.

When we stopped spraying the org. pesticide for a week, we observed spider mite infestation (and perhaps also thrips) that killed the plant (literally) and the leaves turned papery and the stem was brittle (image A). We sprayed the same formulation over the plant again and observed 100% activity in killing thrip by spraying once a week for two weeks. The formulation is not effective against eggs, hence has to be sprayed for two weeks in a row for complete eradication. Images B and C shows birth of new leaves indicating recovery of the plant.

Ayurvedic Pest Control

We have successfully tested ayurvedic pest control formulations against fungal infections like Powdery Mildew and insect infestation from Leaf miners. We were able to eradicate 100% infection of powdery mildew of bitter gourd and up to 60% reduction in infestation of leaf miners in potted plants. Next, we are testing the efficacy of the organic pesticides on fields for a variety of cash crop vegetables.

ayurvedic pest control

Mushroom Cultivation

Biological waste management is a routine problem in all cosmopolitan and metropolitan cities of India. In principle, biological waste can be used as fertilizers by composting but due to the complex nature of many plant materials, it can take several days before the material can be used as fertilizers. So we combined two technologies to get value added product and fertilizers with simpler organic content that can be readily utilized by plants using mushroom cultivation.

In the picture below, we show that oyster mushrooms can be grown on a variety of substrates such as (A) paper, (B) house hold vegetable and fruit waste, (C and D) animal waste. As mushrooms grow they breakdown the complex organic compounds into simpler compounds and after three flushes the spent can be used as fertilizers. Furthermore, it results in a greater reduction of volume of the waste coupled with valuable proteinaceous food product in Mushrooms.

Efficacy of Ayurvedic Plant Stimulants on Tomato Crops

We have recently developed two ayurvedic plant stimulants, which have resulted in profound growth of tomato plants (middle and right lanes) as opposed to the untreated control (extreme left).

  • Upper Panel: The plants have reached a height of 1 feet in 45 days and flowers have started to bud in the middle patch.
  • Lower Panel: Fruits were developing on treated plants after 70 days. This image was taken on the 80th day. The untreated patch showed tomato crops with an average height of 17cm, while the treated plants had an average height of 70cm.


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