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Our research team is led by Dr. Nivedita Cukkemane (NC) and chief scientific officer Dr. Abhishek Cukkemane (AC). NC received her PhD in January 2014 in dentistry and oral microbiology from VU-Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She is well acquainted in chromatography and electrophoresis techniques in characterizing different protein domains. She holds expertise in formulations of organic molecules and enzymes to improve the wetting capacity of hydrophobic surfaces. Furthermore, she also holds high degree of skill in developing anti-microbial peptides and handling a variety of pathogenic and non-pathogenic microbes.

AC was awarded PhD in Biophysical Chemistry in Germany. He has more than 10 years of research experience in Analytical techniques and Biochemistry. He received his PhD in November 2007 from the University of Cologne, Germany. His research work during PhD and post-doctorate (April 2009) focused on mass-production of protein and metabolite in bacterial cells that were characterized with biophysical spectroscopy tools like absorption, fluorescence, circular dichroism along with crystallography studies. Since April 2009 until March 2014, his post-doctorate research included characterizing biomolecules by solid-state NMR spectroscopy at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Together, AC and NC have 16 years of research experience that has contributed to 18 international publications in peer-reviewed journals and 2 international books describing their experience in handling microbes, mass-production in bacteria and analyzing biomolecules using a variety of biophysical techniques.

Mr. Sujith Bhatevara is the director of Vijay Chemicals (VC) who holds a B.Com and MBA in international trade and Marketing. His enterprise represents one of the oldest and the largest distributors of high-quality research products and chemicals to a variety of research labs, universities and companies in Pune district. VC is one of the leading traders and suppliers of chemicals and lab wares to agriculture, biotech establishments, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic industries. Additionally, Bhatevara family has been involved in serving farmers and agricultural sector in Pune District for over 40 years. In due course of time the Bhatevaras have gained plenty of experience and acquaintances in farming sector that will be the mainstay of our organization.



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Kondhwa, Pune - 411 038


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