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Sasya Hasykartar (SH)    is a powerful plant stimulant that is effective at dosage of 3ml in 1litre at application rates of once in 2 weeks. It is rich in fatty acids, sugars, organic acids and aminoacids.

It also contains plant growth stimulators like IAA, GA3, nucleotides (stimulators for cytokinins), vitamins and other important metabolic cofactors.

Saak Phalak Hida (SPH) is a potassium rich organic preparation which stimulates fruiting in grapes. It also contains sparing quantities of other biomolecules such as sugars, organic acids and plant growth stimulants in the form of IAA, GA3, nucleic acids, vitamins and other cofactors.

It is recommended to apply SPH at a dosage of 10ml per litre.

Barha Soma Parihar Hida (BSPH) is a pest control agent that has been tested against spider mites and thrips resulting in its complete eradication. BSPH application resulted in reduced infection of tomato plants by leaf miners by 60% and promoted leaf growth, fruit enlargement and colouration.

Recommended application is 35ml in 1litre during flowering and fruition until the pest is completely eradicated.

Sasya Rodakshamta (SR) is a powerful pest control agent that has been successfully tested against mealy bugs, aphids, mites and thrips. It is recommended to apply SR before flowering and fruition.

Recommended application is 25ml in 1litre until the pest is completely eradicated. Application during flowering and fruition will result in increased buds with decreased flower and fruit size.


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