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Academic Collaborations

ayurvedic pest control

Bijasu is constantly seeking collaborations with newer start-ups, research laboratories and academic isntitutions. Currently Bijasu is collaborating with notable scientists in various fields for projects relating to rural development and academia:

Bijasu is collaborating with Dr. Santosh Kumar Upadhyay (, who is a research faculty at Institue of Genomics and Integrative Biology, New Delhi. Together, we are implementing various biophysical techniques in characterizing Metabolomics of ayurvedic formulations of plant growth stimulants and pest control agents. We are studying extracts of animal wastes, green manure and root-flora microenvironments as biochemical source for microbes that produce plant hormones like auxins, solubilize phosphate, fix-atmospheric nitrogen etc. to enhance plant growth and yield. As myraid number of biomolecules can be potentially derived from bacterial sources using genome-mining have been reported; we are implementing an NMR based metabolomics approach to rapidly characterize various biomolecules.

Baramati has served as an important agricultural town in Pune district, which houses agricultural research centres of national repute and academic institutes that are routinely involved in agriculture based studies. Due to the immense agrarian society, soil in and around vicinity of Baramati taluk is laden with several different types of pesticides like Dimaethoate, Endosuplhans, Monocrotophos, Quinalphos, etc. Bijasu has intiated collaboration with T.C.College Baramati to study bioremediation abilities of various microbial floras.


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