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Ayurvedic Plant Stimulants

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Organic farming has been native to India since ancient times. Various ayurvedic scriptures have described soil as a living entity and maintaining its health as a primary mean for sustained agriculture. In fact, nature has been considered as a primary role model as it does not require any input in fertilizers or unreasonable quantities of water. This is because microbial flora contributes extensively to recycling of organic matter and nutrients. But since the success of green revolution, which has resulted in increased dumping of synthetic fertilizers led to increased salinity, changes in pH and other soil composition has rendered soil sick. To restore soil health, we in Bijasu will rediscover ancient practices of ayurvedic farming with a modern touch by combining it with biotechnological processes. We have developed modernized version of the traditional recipes and have successfully tested them on fields.

Furthermore, using NMR metabolomics we have characterized the various compounds that render our formulations effective for crop growth and fruiting. For instance, using traditional ayurvedic recipes from animal sources and combining it with fermentation technology using select bacterial consortia, we developed two different ayurvedic formulations (NMR spectra shown in red and blue in solvents D2O and CDCl3) of plant growth stimulants.

Upon performing rapid NMR based metabolomics, we identified several growth promoting factors like sugars, amino acids, fatty acids, PGRs like IAA, GA3 and many more. Indeed these formulations showed promising effects on field trials (middle and right) as opposed to untreated (left) in 2 months (see right panel of figure above).


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