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Waste Management (Biological)

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Pune is the 2nd largest city in Maharashtra. On an average it generates an average of 1600 MT of waste daily, from the various households, hotels and markets in the area. While the wet or biological garbage is collected by the PMC vehicles, the dry garbage is further segregated and then sold to scrap dealers. The wet waste on the other is collected and removed from the area and dumped in an open site about 20 kms out called Urali Devachi. In few cases (14 in all), biological treatment plants have been setup for biomethanation. Unfortunately, none of them are working at full-capacity due to lack of technical and scientific skills.

We in Bijasu believe in transforming these biological wastes into value-added process using multiple biotechnological processes. As we, consist of core group of researchers in various fields of sciences, we are developing technologies to manage biological wastes, which are rich source of nutrients for various life forms. Apart from converting it into value-added products, we will also offer technical knowledge to you, for our green Pune and India.


Agri Research Center
Kondhwa Industrial Area,
Khadi Machine Chowk,
Kondhwa, Pune - 411 038


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